I received this question:

Mr. Thomas,

My son has completed one year of HS Latin with a local magistra, and took your VL 2 this past year. He did well on the Intro to Latin, Latin I and Latin II NLE’s. My question/concern is what to do for Latin 3 since most colleges want to see at least 3 years of one language or 2 years of 2 languages. He has no interest in learning another language so taking one more year of Latin at this point just makes sense. What would you advise? 

He has actually been taking some form of Latin since 3rd grade, but I’m just not sure he’s gone far enough to warrant 3 years of HS Latin on his transcript.

I see that you offer a Latin 3 class online for 2015-2016, but he is in class at a local community college on the Tuesdays that you offer the course. Any advice you have would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you, Mr. Thomas!

Here is my reply:

Just curious, has he been through Henle Latin 1?  If so, he could join my Henle Latin 2 class on Wednesday.  Most schools count this as Latin 3, even though the name of the book is Second Year Latin.

The Latin 3 class on Tuesday will be far more interesting simply because it is not Henle 2 (a rather dull book).  He could also watch the recordings from the Latin 3 class if he likes.  He could still participate in the homework for a grade.  

Would this work for you guys?  

If not, there are plenty of other online Latin providers.  Unfortunately, they are quite a bit more expensive.  You can find links to all of them here:  https://dwanethomas.com/learn-latin-without-going-broke/

Let me know if you need more help!