Every Saturday, I send out a “tip of the week”.

Scratch that.  Most Saturdays.  I miss some from time to time.

Many of you subscribe to my list.  Like you, I also subscribe to email newsletters.  Every Friday I receive an email from Tim Ferriss, author of The Four Hour Workweek.

This morning, he mentioned the founder of Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist.  Maybe you have heard of it.

Anyway, Tim quoted Mr. Newmark.  I found the quote fascinating.

“By monetizing Craigslist the way I did in 1999, I probably gave away already 90% or more of my potential net worth.  The rationale is that if you’re a small businessman trying to put food on the table, I’d like you to keep the 100 bucks or whatever for a classified rather than me taking it and maybe giving back someday a buck.”

Did you catch that?  Mr. Newmark founded Craigslist to help others.  He was not primarily interested in making a lot of money for himself.  He was primarily interested in helping people.  Craig Newmark is now a billionaire.  There is an article in Forbes.

I have the same goal with my website.  I have watched students struggle through Latin for 20 years.  Often, at the end of the six years of Latin, they can’t read in Latin.  I have watched families pay thousands of dollars for these deplorable results.  I have watched schools profit from this boondoggle.

Not sure what a boondoggle is?

Boondoggle: a work or activity that is wasteful or pointless but gives the appearance of having value.  To waste money or time on unnecessary or questionable projects.

In my experience, Latin is a boondoggle.

This is why I designed Visual Latin and my website the way I did.  By using Visual Latin or the classes on my site, students can finish Latin in two years.  Either path will take students from zero Latin to reading the New Testament in Latin in two years.

Both paths are affordable.

Visual Latin will take students from zero to reading for about $180.  The entire family can use the series for as long as they like.

The live online classes I offer on my site will take students from zero to reading for $300 per year.  This is the price per family.  This is not the price per student.

Shop around.  I doubt you will get such an offer from the eels.

Honestly, I am probably giving away 90% or more of my potential net worth.  I am probably leaving a lot of money on the table.  That’s okay.  You keep it.  Let’s leave the money on your table.  Lord knows, you could use it.

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