I am pretty tired this morning.

I was up ’till midnight sledding with my kids.  Truth is, the hills were not fast enough, so I was dragging sleds full of laughing children behind my old chevy pick-up truck.  Abandoned parking lots are fun.
Tennessee doesn’t always get much snow during the holidays.  I have never seen a white Christmas here.  After Christmas, the stores drastically lower the price of sleds.  They practically give them away.  No one is interested.

That is the time to buy a sled.  Buy when no one is interested.  Buy when there is no snow.  Eventually, snow will come.

Snow came to Tennessee this week.  Lot’s of people panicked.  They ran to the stores.  Many were looking for sleds.  There were no sleds.
There were kids riding the slopes on pieces of cardboard yesterday.  Today, my kids are sharing their sleds.  They have had their fun.

There’s a lesson here.  Winter comes.  Always.  Plan for it.

This apply’s to every area of life.  Set goals. Develop patience.  Watch the patterns.  Winter is coming.  Get ready.

I believe there is a recession coming.   We can panic.  Or, we can prepare.  Things go on sale during recessions.  Houses, cars, trucks, etc.

It may be time to take a look at spending habits.  Where can you make some cutbacks?  Don’t wait.  Make them now.  Save up for the sales.

By the way, if you (or your kids) have to learn Latin in high school next year, don’t spend too much.

I have developed some recession proof online Latin classes.

Here you go: https://dwanethomas.com/?s=recession

Happy Saturday!