The other day, this comment popped up on my YouTube account:

“I’m currently in my second year of Latin and so far I know a lot about the Romans slaughtering the Gauls…annnd beautiful words such as caedis and occiderunt :)”

In case you are wondering, caedis means slaughter, and occiderunt means they killed.  Also, in case you are wondering, those are not beautiful words.

I have a multiple choice tip of the week for you today.  When it comes to Latin, I suggest two paths.

Tip # 1: Postpone learning the language until after you have learned a modern language like Italian, French, or Spanish.  If you never get to Latin, you will at least know Italian, French, or Spanish.

Tip # 2: If you decide to go with Latin first, get into reading as fast as you possibly can.  Take a year or two to learn the grammar of Latin, and then start with the easiest book, the Vulgate.  There are many reasons to start with the Vulgate.  I spend a lot of time talking about these reasons in my book Via.

Here is a bonus tip.  If you can skip Caesar’s Gallic Wars (or as I like to call it, Caesar’s Gallic Bore), skip it.  If you decide to read it, be prepared to read about Romans slaughtering Gauls.  And be prepared to learn lovely words like caedis and occiderunt.

Of course, if you have to read the book (because modern academia just can’t seem to drop dumb ideas from the late 1880’s and because you are stuck with those antique decisions), I can help you.  Just click on the schedule button below, or on this link:  If you are looking for the Caesar class, chose “Henle 2”.

I will be teaching Caesar’s Gallic Bore again next year.  Can’t decide yet if I will be calling it Caesar’s Gallic Bore, Caesar’s Gallic Snore, or Caesar’s Gallic Chore.

Maybe I will put it to a vote.

Anyway, I hope you are having a happy Saturday!
Dwane Thomas, June 4, 2016