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My son is 12 and in the 8th grade. He has been taking Greek since 1st grade, but only started Latin 2 years ago. Because of a family move and circumstances of life, his Latin has not been as consist as I would have wished. I was thinking of starting him in an online class, but wondered where he would fit. Although he has not been in Latin too long, because of his Greek, he has grasped Latin well, I think. Is there any type of placement test he could take to know which level would be appropriate to start?

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 Here is my reply:

The online classes are tremendously difficult.   I recommend them only for students who have finished Visual Latin, or another Latin course.  

I offered two online Latin courses.   Each year I take students through Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg, and First Year Latin by Robert Henle.

I do not recommend you join First Year Latin by Robert Henle unless you are in Classical Conversations.  

I do, however, recommend Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg, but it is a very tough book.   generally, I do not let students younger than the age of 13 into this class.

If you would like to join, I recommend you order the book and have your son begin reading.    If he can make it through the first 10 chapters or so with no trouble, I would be happy to allow him into the current class.  

 If he cannot make it through the first 10 chapters or so, do not allow him to become discouraged. This is a very challenging book. He challenged me, as a Latin teacher, when I first read it.  

 In fact, I know several Latin teachers who cannot read. So, again, do not allow him to become discouraged.   The book is tough.   Yet, if you want to learn Latin, there is nothing out there like it.

 Let me know if you need more help!

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