I received this inquiry:

My son only completed up to Henle Latin 1 lesson 26 – He will be starting Ch 2 in the fall (Henle Latin 2) – can he enroll in your class????

Here is my reply:


I am afraid Henle Latin 2 would be over his head.  There are 42 chapters in Henle 1.  It would be hard for your son to skip the last 16 chapters of Henle 1 and still succeed in Henle 2.  

Each year, I take students through Henle 1.  Your son could join the Henle 1 class, but for the first semester, it would be review.  Or, if you like, he could join in January.  He could complete the book with us. At that point, he would certainly be ready for Henle 2.  I fear we would be setting him up for failure if he joined the Henle 2 class now.

Or… if he is extremely diligent, he could complete Henle 1 this summer on his own.  If he were able to pull this off, I would be happy to allow him into the Henle 2 class.  If you choose this option, he is welcome to begin emailing me immediately as he will likely need some assistance with the latter part of Henle 1.  I am living on the road at the moment, but will do my very best to stay in touch with him.

Let me know if you need more help!