I received this question:

Do the kids take LL 2 the next year for Latin 2?  With you – of course!

Here is my reply:

To get into LL 2, students must first be able to read the first 19 chapters.  Basically, it is a vocabulary game.  Visual Latin teaches students the grammar needed to get through Lingua Latina.  

Vocabulary is the problem.  Here is why:

First Year Latin by Robert Henle teaches students about 400 words.  Most of them are war words.  He is preparing students to read Caesar’s Gallic Wars.

Visual Latin (by me) teaches students about 1,200 words.  I try to use frequently used Latin words, but many of the words are biblical words.   I am trying to get students ready to read the New Testament in Latin.

Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg teaches students almost 2,000 words.  He is preparing students to read almost everything.  🙂

Students who jump from Visual Latin to Lingua Latina will find that they know the grammar needed for Visual Latin.  But, they may find themselves overwhelmed by the vocabulary of Lingua Latina.  For this reason, I require students to read the first 19 chapters of Lingua Latina, before I can allow them into the second class.  They can read the first 19 chapters on their own, or they can use old classes on my site if they need help.