I thought some of you might find this series of exchanges interesting.  A reader wants to know if he can join Henle 2 after Visual Latin….

“Is Visual Latin 1 and 2 designed to only cover Henle 1?  Same question I guess, is the online course only to cover Henle 1 then?”

Here is my first reply:

Visual Latin covers all of the grammar in Henle 1 and some of the grammar in Henle 2.  Visaul Latin covers all of Latin grammar.  Henle 1 does not.  I am not sure why.  Mr. Henle left a few grammatical concepts to Henle 2, gerunds for example.

The online class covers all of Henle’s First Year Latin in… the first year.  

This led to a follow up question:

“Thanks for clarifying.  I have to get up to speed to “guide” students going through Henle 2 for Classical Conversations, Challenge II program.  I purchased both Visual Latin 1 and 2 last fall and working through them now.  I don’t need to be an expert in Latin, but just enough to ask the right questions and guide them to the answers…I know you’re aware of CC so I think you understand.

Anyway, sounds like my goal would be to get most of the Visual Latin all 60 lessons and that should give me the grammar foundations to discuss in class once a week and work through translations of Caesar.  

If I was able to get a general handle on Visual Latin 1 and 2…do you think I could jump into Online Helne 2 with you starting in August?  I seem like that would work but just double checking.”

Here, again, is my reply:

I think that would work fine.  You could certainly skip the Henle 1 class and jump into the Henle 2 class.  

You are, however, going to encounter one major obstacle.  Vocabulary.  Henle 1 spends a lot of time preparing students for Caesar’s Gallic Wars (Henle 2).  As you are going through Visual Latin, it might help you to follow along in Henle 1.  You will not acquire all the fantastic words like kill, slaughter, pillage, destroy, death, and slavery from Visual Latin.  🙂

Let me know if you need more clarification.