I received this question:

I have been working through Visual Latin with my homeschool kids for nearly three years.  My oldest, who is 12, has gotten to the point where she is picking things up faster than her two brothers and me.  I would like to do a slower pace for her brothers next year, and have her take an online class with you since she is familiar with your material and your teaching style.  We will try to finish Visual Latin Lesson 30 this May.  Will she have enough of a background to be successful in one of your online courses?  Thanks!

Here is my reply:


I recommend students not join any of the live online classes until at least age 13.  Of course, in your daughter’s case, things get a little weird.  After all, I taught her!  🙂

Even though she has been through much of Visual Latin, I recommend she start at the beginning of the Lingua Latina online class.  Lingua Latina is a novel, written completely in Latin.  While this makes it an enjoyable class, it also makes it impossible to jump in halfway through the class.  

Each chapter introduces about 50 new words (average).  In fact, the vocabulary is one of the overwhelming obstacles of the book.  Of course, the intense amount of vocabulary is also one of the tremendous benefits.  Finish reading Lingua Latina in Latin, and you can read nearly anything in Latin.

I will be offering the class again, beginning this August.  Incidentally, for families who own Visual Latin, there will be a discount for the first online class.

Does this answer your questions?  

If not, please feel free to contact me again!