I received this question:

First of all, thank you for the new subscription option! This will make it possible for my kids to take the classes you offer.  I hope you get(almost) more subscribers than you can handle.

My kids have completed Visual Latin 1, and they have worked through the first five chapters of Lingua Latina. I am now thinking that they would benefit from your LL class. If we subscribe, would they have access to past lessons? I would not try to put them in the live class, as I’m sure you are well past where they are at. I guess what I’m asking is whether the entire course will be available to them even though they are not on your class schedule.

Thank you, and I hope you and your family absolutely love Greece.

Here is my reply:

Yes. I record everything I teach.  Then, I leave those videos up on my site for my subscribers.   Currently, my subscribers have access to 425 videos.   I add between 5 to 10 videos a week.

In fact, I have many students who don’t even attend the live classes. They simply use the recordings to learn Latin.

Thanks for the kind comments. I hope I get more subscribers (almost) than I can handle as well.   And, I really do hope we enjoy Greece… even though I am going for work.

Have a happy Saturday!