I try to post a new video to You Tube every weekday.  Naturally, I miss a day here an there, but the videos are adding up.  Fearing that the list will overwhelm and confuse you, I have begun compiling the links and topics here.

If you are unfamiliar with the “Chalkboard” videos… here is an example:



Most of the Videos below are from the Vulgate Course by William Dodds.  The Vulgate Course is available free from Google books.


  1. How to get somewhere in Latin: Quo it? 
  2. Translating from English to Latin.
  3. Latin Predicate Adjectives
  4. Introduction to the Nominate and Genitive Cases
  5. Latin’s Ablative Case
  6. Latin’s Genitive Case
  7. The verb “habere” plus the Accusative Case
  8. Beautiful War?
  9. Liber, libero, or liberi?
  10. Parsing, diagramming, and translating simple sentences in Latin.
  11. Latin subjects
  12. Latin predicates.
  13. Latin appositives.
  14. Subject – verb agreement, in Latin.
  15. Subject – verb agreement, Part 2
  16. Irregular verb agreement.
  17. Latin relative pronouns.
  18. How to get a “No” in Latin.
  19. How to form a question in Latin.
  20. The Nominative Case
  21. Nominative Pronouns
  22. Predicate Nominatives
  23. The Genitive Case
  24. More Genitives!
  25. The Partitive Genitive
  26. Even More Genitives!
  27. The Genitive and Impersonal Verbs
  28. The Genitive and Location
  29. The Dative Case
  30. More of the Dative Case
  31. The Dative Case with Compounds of the verb esse.
  32. The Dative of Possession
  33. The Dative with Impersonal Verbs
  34. Introduction to the Accusative Case
  35. The Accusative with prepositions
  36. The Accusative with Motion
  37. The Accusative with Time
  38. The Accusative plus Infinitive
  39. The Accusative and Motion
  40. The Vocative Case
  41. The Ablative of Instrument
  42. The Ablative of Agent
  43. The Ablative of Time
  44. The Ablative of Price
  45. The Ablative with Special Verbs
  46. The Ablative of Comparison
  47. The Ablative with Prepositions
  48. The Ablative Absolute
  49. Substantive Adjectives