This was in one of the forums:

Did I hear something about Mr. Dwane moving to Greece?????! I’m a few weeks behind and I’m having to watch the recorded lessons because I’m in a play and we’re always practicing during class.

Another student helped her out:

Hi, The other post titled Thursday Classes seems to say that Mr. Dwane will be in Greece for a couple of months but will pre-record all his classes. This shouldn’t effect you if you’re just watching the recordings anyway. It kinda confused me because it was talking about classes on Thursdays, but there’s no way he’d only be in Greece on Thursdays so I think he’s pre-recording all of his classes. That’s all I know, I hope it helps you out a bit.

Here is my reply:

Yep. I am moving to Greece. But, only for three months. I am working hard to make sure there is no interruption at all while I am gone.

I have been re-assured by the owner of the home we are renting that the internet is powerful. I intend to teach the live classes from Greece. I am pre-recording the classes only as a safety precaution. I want to make sure I miss zero classes while overseas.

Hopefully, there will only be one change. Spring break was originally scheduled for two weeks. I have had to extend this by one week. There will be no class on March 15 and 16, no class on March 22 and 23. That was already scheduled. I am adding one more week. There will be no class on March 29 and 30. Of course, the recordings should be ready for most of my classes by then.

Working hard to make sure you all miss nothing.

Let me know if you have any ideas!