From time to time, I show my students videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, this can be a bit risky with advertisements.  I never know what is going to pop up.  They have likely seen the advertisements anyway.  (I am repeatedly surprised by the amount of pop culture my students consume.)  Still, I do not want to be the one to introduce them to high-performance cars, memory-enhancing herbal tea, or horses towing sleds laden with beer.  (Why doesn’t Budweiser just use a truck?).

YouTube advertisements waste too much time. When I am ready to learn something new, I don’t want to wait 5 seconds to skip an advertisement.  I came to learn.  I did not come to learn about the newest running shoe.

Advertisements will clutter your screen and waste your valuable time.

Fortunately, there is an easy, free way to block advertisements.

Simply go to  Watch the short instructional video and instal the ad blocker.  Easy as that.

Start enjoying the power of the internet without the mad men.

Have an excellent Saturday!



Dwane Thomas Tip of the Week – July 4, 2015