I received this email:

Hi there, I ran across your blog in  my internet search for “Henle Latin diagram answers” I am a Classical Conversations Challenge A tutor and learning Latin right along with my students this year.  I am struggling because the answers in Henle do not include the diagrams they ask you to do.  Last year, I tutored the Essentials program in CC and learned all about sentence diagramming (and LOVED it!!).   I am always eager to know if my diagrams are correct, and to understand the why if they are not.  Henle leaves me hanging in this.  🙁   Do you have any guidance (or do you provide any materials) that give the answers to the sentences Henle asks you to diagram?  Specifically, I am in Henle Latin First Year, Lesson 2, exercise 19, sentence 10.  The genitive is tied to the compound direct object and I don’t know what it should look like.   Another one that stumped me is in exercise 20, sentence 2.  He gave a sword to the friend but not to the slave.   I am not even sure how to diagram this in English.  I get how I would do it for the compound sentence “He gave a sword to the friend, but he did not give a sword to the slave.”  Something just seems off with their wording.    Is it a complex sentence?

Anyways, all that to say,  if you have any help for me on where to go for my seeking of answers to the diagramming of Henle exercises, I would be most grateful!!

Here is my reply: