I received this question:

One more question for you regarding Visual Latin.  Are the DVDs the same as what we would get on the website?  Since I am looking at Visual Latin for my oldest and have 4 children, would it be wise to purchase the Visual Latin DVDs?  Or is it better to do something through your website? 

Here is my reply:

They are quite different.  Visual Latin is a comprehensive two-year DVD course.  It really should be all you need.

The classes on my site are “next level” reading courses for those who want to go further.  The classes on my site (www.dwanethomas.com) are mostly advanced reading classes.  Or, they are intro classes for those students in Classical Conversations.  

If you go with Visual Latin, you will have the series for all of your kids.  Go with Visual Latin.  Later, if one of your kids wants more, you can then check out the classes on my site.