I received this inquiry:


I have four daughters.  Three are beginning junior high (grades 6/7) and one entering high school (grade 9) in the fall.  We’ve gone through Prima Latina (Memoria Press) twice.  Question:  If we were to enroll in your online lessons, what kind of family discount would you offer (for two or more girls)?  Second, which class would my junior highers need to take?  My high schooler? Third, for high school, how would I assign credit for transcript purposes?  

Thank you.

Here is my reply:

I have five kids, so, I know how it feels to sign up for classes.  It’s expensive.  With that in mind, I set up some pretty steep discounts for siblings.  

Most of my Latin classes start at around $300 per year.  There is a steep discount from this price if you already own Visual Latin.

For the second sibling, the price is $100.  For the third, $75, and for the fourth, $50.  This means that if you signed all four girls up for a class, you would pay $525 per year.  This is less than the price of one class from many online providers.  

As I said, I know how it feels.  I am trying to keep the costs low.  Not only that, but, I offer a guarantee no one else offers.  Pay once, repeat as often as you need to.  For life.  Or, at least as long as I am alive and teaching.  None of my kids want this business.  🙂

As for high school credit, I am happy to provide you with any letters or documentation you need.  I teach using Robert Henle’s First Year Latin, which is a high school text.  I recommend this course only for students in Classical Conversations.  I also teach using Lingua Latina: Per Se Illustrata.  This is, by far, the tougher of the two books, and, yet, it is the class I recommend.  

I recommend this class because Lingua Latina is a novel.  It is fun. Henle is dry.  Both books are effective.  They will teach your kids Latin, but, Lingua Latina is better.