At some point, every parent asks every kid, “Do you think money grows on trees?”  It’s just something parents do.

It turns out, money does grow on trees.

These days, the trees are shedding their leaves.  Naturally, someone has to rake them.

Those leaves on your lawn are a golden opportunity.  If you are going to spend three or four hours working in the yard this weekend, why not use the time to learn something new?

As you head out to rake, plug a good book into your listening device.  Don’t listen to pop music, the news, or the football game.
Instead, seize the opportunity to read something that will improve your life.

After 20 years, I am no longer in the classroom. But, I still have a job working at the apartment complex where my family lives.

It was while I was working around the complex (often while raking leaves) that I listened to numerous books on languages, history, business, and marketing.

Eventually, I was able to turn all of that audio knowledge into an online business that now supports my family.

If you are raking leaves this weekend, turn off the mindless drivel that our culture constantly throws at us. (Yes, football. I am talking about you.)  Instead, learn something useful.

Just one good idea could turn into a profitable idea.  That idea alone could convince you, too, that money grows on trees.

– Dwane

Dwane Thomas’ Tip of the Week, October 22, 2016