People often ask:

Is Visual Latin good for high school credit?

Here is the reply:

In terms of the material it covers, Visual Latin 1 (Lessons 1-30) and 2 (Lessons 31-60) are each good for one high school foreign language credit (2 credits total).

By itself, however, it will not provide a full 150 hours of work.

Some parents are less concerned about this.  Others may want to provide extra supporting materials for upper-level high school students. For those who want to provide extra, we recommend supplementing Latin 1 with Lingua Latina per se Illustrata. (The older version of LL without color is the same text and perfectly acceptable.)

We have created a free Visual Latin/Lingua Latina Teaching Guide. You can use this “map” to match Visual Latin with Lingua Latina over a two-year period.

[Note that Lingua Latina is a unique Latin only, college-level book. Visual Latin has been modeled on this book, and in terms of content, teaches exactly the same things.]

I could reply further to the credit question.  Or, I could let someone else handle this one for me.  This response, by Susan Wise Bauer, is the best response I have seen:


How to Assign High School Credits

by Susan Wise Bauer

Last updated June 28, 2016

Here are a few tips on how to best organize and award high school credits for your student.

For grades 9 through 12, home educating parents must fill out a transcript form that records subjects studied, years of study, units of credit, and final grades. Transcripts ought to be kept on permanent file. Although some colleges are happy to accept portfolios for homeschool applications, most insist on a regular transcript—and almost all financial aid departments require a transcript form before they will disburse aid. So fill that piece of paper out—it’s important!

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