Here is my favorite email this week:

“Here is a testimonial to the power of your Visual Latin combined with the pure enjoyment of Lingua Latina:  My 11yo son started Visual Latin 1 with us mid-May.  The only Latin he had taken before then was the CC Foundations memory work (M/F noun endings, 1st Conj verb endings, and John 1:1-7).  We watched your videos together and took your quizzes at a rate of one per day, then we read about half a chapter a day from Lingua Latina — and HE KEPT UP!  He really didn’t stumble until pronouns (Lesson 15-16)!  After we reached Lesson 20 at that pace we started over again and have completed through Lesson 26.  We’ll finish Visual Latin 1 this week or next — a whole year of high school Latin in ONE SUMMER — and he’s just turned 12!”