I received this comment:

We have a question about Visual Latin I Quiz 23, number 19.  We expected the answer to be “D”,  but it is marked “C” in the key.  Doesn’t “illi” mean “those”?

My 4th-grade daughter and I are making great progress with Visual Latin.  We also enjoyed WordUp!  Thanks for your work.

Here is my reply:

Hi!  I apologize for the long delay.  Finally catching up this morning…

Well, you caught me.  I made a mistake.  You are correct.  The answer should be “D”.  Thanks for the help!  Fixed it!

19. Illi equi qui in fluvio sunt magni equi sunt.

  1. A.) this horse
  2. B.) that horse
  3. C.) these horses
  4. D.) those horses

Glad you guys are enjoying Visual Latin and Word Up!

Have a happy Saturday!