I received this comment:

Comment: In Visual Latin 37c the worksheet has “Piscerna dicit,” It should be “Pincerna dicit,”

In Visual Latin 38b the worksheet has

#12. Patres filios eius monebant. Translated in the answers as The father was warning his (someone else’s) sons.

It is actually The Fathers were warning his (someone else’s) sons. It is plural, Patres not Pater, and monebant, not monebat.

Am I correct?

Thank you.

Here’s my reply:

 You are correct. I made a correction in Visual Latin 37C.  

 And, correct again.   I made a correction in Visual Latin 38B.  

 I have added these corrections to the section “Errata” on my site.

Thank You!

Have a happy Thursday!