I received this inquiry:

In Visual Latin 38, it has “Die tertio” translated as, “On the third day.”  Shouldn’t it be “In die tertio”?

It has recordabat and recordat. I always thought that Recordor was the passive endings but only used in the active. So wouldn’t it be Recordabatur and Recordatur. Btw I am very confused about this topic so could you help me?

Here is my reply:

Latin does not use a preposition when dealing with time.  This means you can say “on the third day” without a preposition… die tertio.  All you have to do is make sure it is in the ablative case.

As for the deponent verbs in chapter 38, they confuse everyone.  In fact, I removed them from the later editions of Visual Latin.  I replaced the deponent verb recordor with the regular cogitat.  The sentences should read:

“Tunc rex de ministris suis qui sunt in carcere cogitat.” 

“Sed pincerna non cogitat de Joseph.”  

It all still means the same thing.  Just translate with cogitat, instead of a version of recordor.  Of course, it does not help that I made a mistake with those verbs.  They should have passive endings.  You are correct.