I received this comment:

Hello.  I’m going through Visual Latin.

In Lesson 43c in the first sentence there is the word ‘dicerunt’ I think it’s supposed to be ‘dixerunt’.


Here’s my reply:

You’re correct. I have changed the spelling in the worksheets.  Unfortunately, since this comes from the videos, I will not be able to change it there. So, we will just have to be content with a change in the worksheets.

Here is what it should say:

Et fratres Joseph erant tristes et dixerunt inter se.  “Haec

And the brothers of Joseph were sad and spoke among themselves.  This

patimur quia peccavimus in fratrem nostrum.”  Putabant haec verba

we are suffering/is happening to us because we sinned against our brother.”  They were thinking these words