I turn 44 this month.

I have heard that memory loss really kicks in around age 45.  Ironically, I can not remember where I read this.  Perhaps I am getting a head start on memory loss.

Writing every day but Sunday was one of my main goals this year.  I fell off the wagon when I moved my family to Greece.  The wagon kept moving.  When my son crashed last month, I lost sight of the wagon.   I am now running to catch up with the wagon.

To write every day requires notes.  Well, maybe.  I get on Facebook and Instagram from time to time.  Lots of people out there are writing without notes.

Anyway, I like to write from notes.  To gather information, I keep lots of notes.

In the old days, this meant clipping articles and filing those articles somewhere.  Later, I had to remember where I had filed those articles.

Thanks to Evernote, it’s so much easier these days.  I can clip as many articles as I like.  Later, when I want to write about a certain topic, all I have to do is type keywords into the search bar.  I can retrieve an article in moments.  It’s a breeze.

I organize most of my notes into three categories: healthy, wealthy, and wise.

But, I also have notes for specific projects I am working on.  If I find a helpful article related to the Greek language, for example, it goes into my Greek file.

When I am ready to write something, the information I gathered months ago, even years ago, is a simple search away.

Our memories will fail.  Evernote will enable us to fool people into thinking that we are immune to the process.  Heh.

Evernote is free. You should use it.

Have a happy Saturday!
Dwane Thomas