Fables and Foundations

FABLES AND FOUNDATIONS                                                                          Have you finished Henle 1, or Lingua Latina: Per Se Illustrata? Are you ready for a Latin reading course, but not quite ready to read through Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars?

If so, then this may be the class you are looking for.

In Fables and Foundations, we will read through the book of Genesis (foundations).  After spending a semester there, we will read through the famous Fabulae Faciles by Francis Ritchie.

So, what does Fabulae Faciles even mean?  It translates into English as “Easy Fables.”  In fact, it is a book of Greek and Roman myths, written entirely in Latin!

We will read the stories of Perseus, Hercules, Jason and the Argonauts, and Ulysses (Odysseus) together, in Latin!

We will finish the year by reading through De Bello Gallico, by Julius Caesar, edited by Hans Orberg.


Time: Tuesday, 2:00-2:55pm CST

Dates: August 11, 2015 – May 31, 2016

No class on

  • November 24, 2015 (Happy Thanksgiving!)
  • December 22 & 29, 2015 (Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!)
  • March 15 & 22, 2016 (Spring Break!)

Beginning November 8, 2016, all new subscriptions will end on July 1.  If you would like to maintain a monthly subscription rather than join again in August, just let me know.  It is best to contact me at dwane@visuallatin.com.

As always, all subscriptions are FAMILY subscriptions.  Everyone in the family is welcome to enroll.

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