The other day, my daughters received some advice from their piano teacher.

“Practice piano just before bed,” she told them.

She then explained that their brains would review the skill while they slept.

You can use the same technique while learning Latin.

At night, turn on an audio recording of the language.  Fall asleep listening to Latin.  Unfortunately, there are not too many audio books available in Latin.  The New Testament, however, is available for free.  This recording is done well.  It is actually soothing to listen to.

Here it is: 

Incidentally… this lesson applies to more than Latin.  You could use these techniques to learn almost anything.

Years ago, I would listen to dramatized Shakespeare plays while washing dishes.  One day my four-year-old walked through the kitchen, looked at the cassette player and said, “Daddy, those little people in your tape are funny!”

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