I received this question:

Hi Dwane, Did I see somewhere that you offer a family discount for multiple classes? I was interested in Henle 1, Henle 2, and the vocabulary class. Thanks!

Here is my reply:

Good morning!

I don’t offer any discounts.  I just offer the best product I can offer at the best possible price.  And, unlike any other online provider I have encountered, I offer a family rate, not a per child rate.   This means that you pay for the year for your family.   You do not pay for each individual child.

I have five children. I grow weary of being penalized every week for having five children.   My guess is, other people get sick of it, too.   I’m trying to provide some relief.

These blog posts may help: https://dwanethomas.com/?s=recession+proof

Have a happy Friday!

Dwane Thomas