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Thanks for all you do.

CC family here with a 15 year old sophomore finishing up Challenge B. It sounds like you’re very familiar with the Challenge B Henle pace – they finished up lessons 1-25 out of 42. My question is – do you think we should continue with Henle (if so, which of your classes) or make a switch over to Lingua Latina? Given next year is her junior year, we want a rigorous study. So, which of your three online Latin courses do you think would best suit her previous experience and needs in upper high school?
Thank you so much for your thoughts!

Here is my reply:


If you must continue with Henle, go with Henle. However, I am not entirely sure the online Henle course I offer will be of much help. I take students through the entire book in one year. After all, it is “First Year Latin, by Robert Henle.” For those not in Classical Conversations, I always recommend Lingua Latina. It is just so much better. And, it is a lot of fun to read. Students really enjoy getting to know the characters.

So, perhaps you are wondering, how does this help you? What step should you take?

Here is my recommendation. Recommendations, rather. You have some options.

First, your daughter could join the Henle class next fall, repeat the first 25 chapters, wrapping up the last chapters in the final months of the school year.

Or, you could order Lingua Latina for your daughter, have her read (or attempt to read) the first 19 chapters and then join the Lingua Latina 2 class next year. In the second class, we finish the book.

If you go with the second option, I am happy to allow her into the Henle 1 class as well. No charge. My guess is, she would not really want to join until we reached chapter 25 anyway. At that point, she would just be wrapping up the Henle 1 book.

Does this all make sense?