Instead of standing aimlessly in line at the bank, the checkout line, or the department of motor vehicles, you could learn.  You could learn a lot.  Especially if you are at the DMV.

I use the Quizlet app to learn new vocabulary while standing in line.

This week, a student told me of another useful app.  It’s called Anki.  I checked it out.  It looks good.  You may find it useful. Here you go:

My online classes are wrapping up in two more weeks.  In case you are wondering, yes.  I will be back next fall.  We will start again in the fall.  One of my daughters became a teenager today.  That makes four teenagers in my home.  Turns out, I have to provide for all these people.  So, yes.  I will be back.

Click on the link below to see the schedule of online classes.

Have a happy Saturday!
Dwane Thomas, May 14, 2016