I have several problems.

First of all, I’m a procrastinator.

Second, I receive about 100 emails a day.

Combine both of these, and I’ve got a major problem.

About a week ago, I discovered a helpful tip.

I flipped my email.

For years, I have always received newest email on first.  Then, I flipped my email so that every time I open my account, my oldest emails are on top.

This simple solution is helping me in multiple ways.   First of all, I am forced to face my procrastination.   I often ignore troublesome emails telling myself that I will answer them after I have responded to be easier emails.   By the time I get to the troublesome emails, I am usually tired.

Now, when I open my folder, the oldest emails are on top.  I have always worked my way from the top down.  My old habit is now forcing me to respond to emails whether or not they are troublesome.

It turns out, if you simply face the problems, the problems tend to go away.  Not only am I now responding more rapidly to troublesome emails, I am also more rapidly getting through all of my emails!

Try it.   Flip your email.   Respond to your oldest emails first.  Perhaps it will work for you, too!

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Have a Happy Sunday!