Think Outside the Border Tip #15 – Free help with Latin!

If you are learning Latin, you know all about those complicated Latin endings!

I actively teach Latin and Greek for over 20 hours a week, every week.  I spend another 10 hours a week grading.

My students constantly trip up on the complicated Latin endings.

After you break a foot, you need crutches while you learn to walk again without pain.

There are “crutches” you can use to learn Latin as well.

Until you know the endings by heart, you are definitely going to need “crutches.”

Here are my favorite recommendations. Best of all, they are free!

While you are reading in Latin, you will need a dictionary.  I recommend an online dictionary.

Whitaker’s Words is the best online Latin dictionary.  It’s easy.  Simply type in a word, Latin, or English, and get the definition!

You will also need to learn to conjugate verbs.  That skill is going to take a while to learn.  While you are learning, lean on the following “crutches.”

Check out the Latin Dictionary.  Yes, like Whitaker’s Words, it is a dictionary, but, it is also a conjugator.  It’s good.  Sometimes, though, there are verbs you will not find.

No worries.  There is a backup.

Go to  You will need to look around to find the Latin conjugator (I actually linked you to the Latin conjugator in the previous sentence.)  If the Latin verb you are hunting is not available on the Latin Dictionary, you will likely find it on Verbix.