I received this question:

We were looking at my daughter starting the French class that is listed as “resuming” on September 7th. Which volume of the books listed will the course use? Also, how much previous knowledge of French will she need to have under her belt if this live course is continuing from a previous course? She has done the light beginner French course from Memoria Press, but she has a strong Latin background and normally picks up languages easily.

Here is my reply:

I apologize for the delay. Finally catching up this afternoon…

Easy question first.  No previous knowledge of French required. 

OK. Now it gets a bit complicated.   

Last year, we made it through chapter 14.  In the fall, we are going to pick right back up in chapter 14.   If anyone wants to catch up quickly, there are three options.

Option one: The classes I taught are on my site.  Students have access to them 24/7.  A student could binge watch them through the rest of the summer and catch up before we start again after Labor Day.

Option two: A student could skip my classes and just read the first 14 chapters.  Since the book moves from simple to complex, this would work for some students.

Option three: I have hired my daughter, who has been studying French longer than I, and who’s pronunciation is far superior to mine, to teach the same book this summer.   She started a week, or so, ago.  Subscribers could jump into her classes and tackle some of the earlier chapters before we get started again after Labor Day.  She is testing this out, but, so far likes it.  She is planning to continue in the Fall.  So, a student could actually just start with her class and learn with her instead of with me.  

I guess there is a fourth option.  Students could join both classes.  Since we record everything we teach, students have access to anything they miss. 

As for the books, she would just need volume 1 at the moment: https://dwanethomas.com/french-resources/

There is also a free PDF on the same page if you just want to download the book: https://dwanethomas.com/french-resources/

Let me know if you need more help!

Dwane Thomas