These days I am focusing on learning Italian.  That is, when I have a few spare moments, I am focusing on learning Italian.

I have two reasons.  First, I am going for better Latin pronunciation. I believe the “Italian” pronunciation of Latin is the pronunciation that makes the most sense.

Second, I am planning to take people to Italy next year.  Might help to know some Italian.

Actually, there is a third reason.  The third reason is that DuoLingo has not yet released Greek.  I’d rather be studying Greek.

If you are studying French, Spanish, or German start here:  It’s free and it’s fantastic.

I only wish they had Latin.  But, they don’t.  If you are learning Latin, and struggling, I can help.  Just click on the “recession-proof Latin” link below.

If you are studying a modern language, though, go with DuoLingo.