I received this question:Hi!

We are currently in Visual Latin 1. Can we go from the full Visual Latin course (both 1 & 2) into Greek or should we take one of your online Latin courses before Greek? Are you thinking about adding Spanish in the future?

Here is my reply:


You do not have to go through an online Latin class before joining the Greek class.  Visual Latin will prepare you for Greek.  

However, I have to warn you.  As hard as I try, I simply cannot seem to make Greek easy.  It is, by far, the toughest class I teach.  It is tough on me, and tough on my students.  Of the dozen or so who joined this year, three made it to the end.  This is typical.  Greek is so foreign to Americans.  

I will keep the price low so that people do not feel they are being scammed.  I will also repeatedly warn everyone that they are likely in over their heads.  I will also continue to remind everyone of the guarantee.  As long as I teach Greek, I will provide a money-back guarantee, or the option to repeat as often as necessary.  You will only pay once for the class.  You are then welcome to repeat as often as you like.  

I offer these ridiculous guarantees because I am fully aware that anyone who signs up is sailing into a hurricane.  Greek is tough.  

Of course, if you make it through the class, nothing will ever mentally intimidate you again. 🙂

Let me know if I can help.