I’m beginning to think the gods are angry with me.

At the beginning of this week, a debilitating stomach virus took me down.  For three days, I accomplished next to nothing.  This is not typical for me.

Last night, feeling stronger, I decided to get back to work.  About an hour in, my computer crashed.  I spent today with the technician. He says he’ll need my computer for the next 48 hours.

I have classes that begin in not much more than 48 hours.  I also have many people emailing me with many questions.  I was sick for 72 hours.  You have waited long enough.

To move forward, I bought a new computer. Not very happy about that. Wasn’t planning on it.

The worst part is that I am having to learn new software and new systems.  Not only that, but I am having to rebuild much of what I lost.

I am hoping that when the technician calls me back on Sunday, he will have good news for me. I will not have lost all of the files I built up over the last five years.

Meanwhile, I am doing my best to catch up with the truckload of emails that were delivered while I was sick.

I hope you guys can be just a bit more patient with me, as I struggle to catch up.

As for the gods, I will never again throw another Coke bottle over the end of the earth.  I should’ve known better.