One of the fastest ways to learn anything is to teach what you want to learn.

There is an old Roman proverb, docendo discimus.   It means, “We learn by teaching.”

I live by this motto.

When I decided to learn Latin, I volunteered to teach Latin.

When I decided to learn Greek, I volunteered to teach Greek.

I think it works for a couple of reasons.  First, it is embarrassing to stand in front of a group with nothing to say.  This alone will motivate you to learn.  Fast.

Second, I think it is a good idea to grade the work of your students.  When you start grading the work of less motivated students, you are going to find mistakes.  You are going to find many mistakes.  By paying close attention to the mistakes of your students, you will learn.  You will learn the mistakes to avoid.  You will learn the common mistakes.  You will learn accuracy in your subject.

I have graded hundreds of pages of Latin responses.  It is easy to spot mistakes in Latin.

In Greek, I am not so good.  I need more practice.  I need to grade more.

My Greek students have the highest drop-out rate.  Greek is hard.  Some people think Latin is hard.  But, that is only because they have not tackled Greek.

Since I changed my site to a subscription site, several people have joined the Greek class.

There are two subscription levels.  You can subscribe with personal grading and without personal grading.

I am going to dump this distinction for my Greek classes.

If you are subscribed, and if you decide to tackle Greek, feel free to send your Greek homework to me.  I will check it.  I will grade it.

I need the practice.

For the last decade or so (longer actually), I have dedicated my time to the mastery of Latin.  For the next decade, or so, I am dedicating my time to the study of Greek.  By the time I turn 50 years old, I want to be fluent.  I am moving to Greece part time to make this happen.  But, I could use your help as well.

If you decide to join the Greek class, feel free to send me your homework.  I need to grade it.  Your work makes me better at Greek.