One of my favorite students emailed me today just before class. 

Read it before you join the Greek class.  Greek will eat your lunch.  If ten of you sign up, three of you will make it to the end.  I am not kidding.  If you think Latin is tough….

You have been warned.  

Here is her note:

I really like Greek and as always, absolutely love your classes. But I’ve been behind in Greek since about December – not just because it’s harder than Latin, but because I haven’t had as much motivation for it as I did in Latin. (Maybe because it’s harder and being dyslexic – I’m not really sure. I do know it’s not you or the class. The classes are awesome!)

Anyway, I’m wondering if it would be better to stop coming to classes now, and wait and pick it up in the fall (or as soon as I can after that, depending on my currently entirely unknown college schedule), that way I can make sure to get everything out of it that I really want. (And like, do something useful and practice the vocab this summer!)

Here is my reply:


I think you are expressing what everyone is feeling right now. 

I think everyone is ready to bail out.  

I wonder if it is Dyslexia… or, if it is Greek.  You know yourself better than I do, of course.  It’s just that, everyone else seems tired, too.  Yet, they are not hindered by dyslexia.  I am wondering if it actually is Greek.  Greek it brutal on us Americans.  It is so far out of our comfort zone.

You are welcome to step out.  No one will think less of you.  All who made it this far are, in my opinion, heroes.  

I am planning to teach the course again next year.  You are more welcome to join for free.  Offer stands for as long as I teach Greek. That should be for a long time.  

These days I am researching places in Greece to stay, as I am going to try to get my family over there next Spring.  I will be going to master pronunciation and to supercharge my efforts in the language.  Still want to write that sequel to Lingua Latina.  

It’s going to take a while to pull that off.  Meanwhile, I will be teaching Greek.  Keeps me committed.