Every Saturday I send out a “Tip of the Week”.   Unless, I don’t.

Yesterday was a long day. I was exhausted and mentally foggy.   At the end of the day, I crashed, forgetting to send a “Tip of the Week.”

So, I’m sending one out this morning, on Mother’s Day.

I realize that most of the people reading this are mothers.   So, happy Mother’s Day to you!

As you know, I teach Latin and Greek.   I studied neither in college.   I started teaching myself both languages after graduating.   For over a decade, I have tried to get up extremely early in the morning.   In part, I was doing so in order to give myself more time to study these languages.   It has been an uphill climb the entire way.   Latin and Greek are not easy.

Every day moms email me, and I email them.   We are in constant contact.   It never ceases to amaze me that you moms are trying to raise your kids, cut costs for your households, and who knows what else.   Then, on top of that, you have decided to teach yourselves Latin so that you can teach your kids Latin.

Honestly, I cringe a little every time I hear a speaker suggest that children learn Latin.   I know what that means.   That means you moms are going to have to learn Latin.  That’s a heavy burden.  I certainly hope it is a burden the speaker is personally willing to bear.

I’m sure all of you have seen this popular video by now…  but, it’s worth watching again.   And, if you are a speaker, traveling around suggesting that people teach their children Latin, you definitely need to watch this:

I hope your day is calm and relaxed.

Have a happy Mother’s Day!
Dwane Thomas, May 8, 2016