I received this email recently:

I’m totally confused. During the last school year I purchased Latin 1 and my son started to slowly work through it. (He just finished lesson 10.) At that point I didn’t have a teacher’s guide, tests, or vocabulary lists. All I had was what came on the DVDs that I could print (worksheets with answer keys). A few weeks ago I received an e-mail about being able to download things for Visual Latin, and I did so. Now that I have had some time to look at what I downloaded, and to use the worksheet answer keys with my previously purchased worksheets I’m confused.

1. Were the worksheets updated/changed? If so, I assume I should print the new worksheets for my son to use beginning at his current lesson. I hope if there were any updates that he has not missed important information in those first 10 lessons.

2. What exactly is “Dwane’s Awesome Latin Lists”, and how would my son use it in this course? I see that he should begin using this on lesson 11.

3. For what purpose would the Vocabulary lists (by lesson) be used in this course?

4. Is the Lingua Latina book required for high school? The Teacher’s Guide said you “recommend” high school students purchase this textbook. Will he be missing important information if he does not have this book, or is Visual Latin a complete course without the Lingua Latina book?

5. The Teacher’s Guide says on Friday to use some free Latin resources from the website. Where exactly are those resources? Is this reading or translation work or something else?

I’m hoping you can clear the confusion for me. My son really needs to finish both levels this school year. 

I’m off to find the Visual Latin Chalkboards now and see what that is about. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Here is my reply:

Hi ——–,

This is Dwane.

I am sorry for the confusion. Don’t be afraid to keep in touch. I will help you walk through the confusion.

For now, I will answer your questions in order.

1. Were the worksheets changed, and did I miss important information?

Yes, the worksheets were changed, but only minor mistakes (like Latin spelling mistakes) were corrected. The important information did not change.

2. What is the awesome Latin list all about?

That is an optional, and dangerous, download. It is not absolutely necessary. I use it often in the Live Online classes. Latin has so many bewildering endings… I simply compiled them in one location. But, it’s bewildering. You are not the only one confused by the Latin endings. Everyone who studies Latin faces the confusion. For now, just ignore that list of endings.

3. What is the purpose of the vocabulary lists?

The master vocabulary list is simply a dictionary for students to refer to. The vocabulary at the end of each chapter is vocabulary found in the reading section of each lesson.

4. Is Lingua Latina required?

No. Visual Latin stands alone. However, some students want more reading. That is where Lingua Latina comes in.

5. What exactly are the resources?

The free resources are helpful tools, websites, or readers that I have found. I’ve been teaching Latin a long time. In the process I’ve discovered much that I hope my students will find helpful. I like to give that information away. Hence, the free useful resources.

As for the chalkboard videos…. Those are free resources that I am creating. Some concepts just need a little extra explanation. I post a new chalkboard frequently to YouTube. Most of theme are based on student questions.

Let me know if you need more help!

I then received a follow up reply:

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions. Your answers were very helpful and relieved my troubled mind. Now my son can proceed without us worrying that he is missing something. You are awesome!

I like that last sentence…. 🙂