I received this inquiry:


I have been teaching my son Latin using Memoria Press’ Form series, going into Third Form. We are learning it together, and yes, there is a lot of grammar memorizing, which is why I also purchased Lingua Latina to read through as a supplement.

In any event, I am taking interest in your Latin classes, but because the classes are all scheduled in the afternoons CST, it makes it difficult for overseas students to participate. We are GMT  +4.

Would you ever consider having a classes at a time convenient for overseas students( probably means very early in the morning or very late at night for you….) We may not be able to take any of those classes ourselves, but just wanted to alert you that there is a whole other world out here:) three 

Here is my reply:


 I have thought of this often. I grew up overseas. My father was in the military, and later my parents were missionaries.

At this time, my schedule will not allow me to teach that late or that early. I actually rise very early in the morning but have no office from which to teach. Were it not for this, I would certainly teach early in the morning as that is what I prefer.

Since I don’t have this option for overseas students, I have recently set up an audit option. Students who choose the audit option will have access to the live classes if they can come.   They will also have access to all previously viewed classes.   Best of all students can watch anytime they like.

I certainly do wish the online option were available for overseas students. I will be considering this in the future. I am currently renovating what may be, and office for me. Once it’s available I may very well start teaching classes at earlier and later times.

 Thanks for the feedback.   Please let me know if you need any more help.