This week, I received a series of question about Henle and Visual Latin.  I thought the thread might be helpful for you.  Especially those in Henle 2.

“Is Visual Latin 1 and 2 designed to only cover Henle 1?  Same question I guess, is the online course only to cover Henle 1 then?”

My first reply:

Visual Latin covers all of the grammar in Henle 1 and some of the grammar in Henle 2.  Visual Latin covers all of Latin grammar.  Henle 1 does not.  I am not sure why.  Mr. Henle left a few grammatical concepts to Henle 2, gerunds for example.

The online class covers all of Henle’s First Year Latin in… the first year.  🙂

This reply generated a follow-up question:

“Another thought…If I was able to get a general handle on Visual Latin 1 and 2…do you think I could jump into Online Henle 2 with you starting in August?  I seem like that would work but just double checking.”

My second reply:

I think that would work.  You could certainly skip the Henle 1 class and jump into the Henle 2 class.  

You are, however, going to encounter one major obstacle.  Vocabulary.  Henle 1 spends a lot of time preparing students for Caesar’s Gallic Wars (Henle 2).  As you are going through Visual Latin, it might help you to follow along in Henle 1.  You will not acquire all the fantastic words like kill, slaughter, pillage, destroy, death, and slavery from Visual Latin.  🙂

This reply generated another follow-up question:

“I was wondering if your online class for Henle 2 has an outline of what you are covering from week to week?  To remind you, I am a Challenge II Director for Classical Conversations and just wondering how close week to week your course would be to CC’s schedule.  Do you have an outline in PDF to send?  I can then match and make sure I will be on schedule for when I lead my class.

Also, what is Auditing?  I am familiar with Auditing from College, so would that be what I would select?”

My reply:

Still working on the syllabus.  Let me know if you spot any inconsistencies, please.

I added the “audit” option for those who do not need grading, nor do they need a final grade.

Basically, “auditors” have access to everything but grading.  You can still come to the live classes if you like.  Grading takes a lot out of me. Trying to provide even more affordable options.  

Final reply:

Thank you…at a quick glance, here are the differences from CC’s schedule:

Lessons 7 and 8 are done in one week

Lessons 11 and 12 done in one week

Lessons 18.1 and 18.2 done in one week

Lessons 18.3 and 18.4 done in one week

Lessons 20.1, 20.2 and 20.3 done in one week

Lessons 20.4, 20.5 and 20.6 done in one week

Aside from that, each lesson is cover in one week like you have it.  Also CC only covers 30 weeks total for their year, therefore it ends at lesson 29.  Also, the reading and translation of Conquest of Gaul is done at page 115.

Just good to know.  My issue is going to be…I start Lesson 1, the week before you start your online program 🙁  I may still do it and yes Auditing would be all I need to supplement my studies and help Direct the class.  

Your course is more complete and covers the whole book.  Anyway, thanks for sharing.

If you want it, here is my syllabus for Henle 2.  Work in progress.  Let me know if you spot any mistakes, please.

Henle 2 Syllabus