I received this question:

I’ve been checking out your site and have a couple of questions as I am sorting through your options for classes.  My son, who will be 14 by fall, has had 2 years of Henle Latin through Classical Conversations.  He is at Lesson 25 in the first year book.  Do you recommend he do the Henle 1 book since he hasn’t completed it, although he has done up to Lesson 14 twice?  I’m also curious about switching over to Visual Latin (is it a supplement?) or Lingua Latina from Henle.  He does seem to like Henle though. Thanks!

Here is my reply:


If you are torn between the online Henle class and the Lingua Latina class, why not both?  Since he is a third of the way through Henle, he could join the Henle class and actually finish the book.  Since, however, I think he will have a much better time in the Lingua Latina class, you could sign him up for the Lingua Latina class, too.  

The Lingua Latina class is cheaper, so join that one.  The Henle class costs a bit more, simply because I do not enjoy teaching from that book, and grading Henle assignments is so much more tedious.  

If you decide to join both, pay for the Lingua Latina class.  Then, when you go to join the Henle class, just click the option “I am repeating this class.”  This will grant you free access to the class.

Your son can do the homework from the Lingua Latina class, the Henle class, or both.  It’s up to you. 

I should warn you, Lingua Latina is tough.  Since your son is a third of the way through Henle, though, he should be good.

As for Visual Latin, it can stand alone, or it can be used as a supplement.  People use it differently.  Visual Latin is a detailed explanation of the grammar behind both Henle and Lingua Latina.

Let me know if you need anything else!