I received this email:


I wondered if you had an assessment tool to determine where my son should start. He is 15 and will have completed 1/2 of the Henle I book by May. Do you have more info on your site re: how the online classes are run? I use Visual Latin with my younger children, but my older son just jumped in with Henle.

Here is my reply:

If you are interested in joining the Henle Latin class, I would simply request he email me (or, you can).  I can determine how he is doing with some of the exercises from the book.  For example, if he is in chapter 17, I would simply ask him to send to me the first three sentences from exercises 205 and 206.

Classes meet every Wednesday from 3 to 4.  Students log into class for instruction, and for practice.  All classes are recorded in case you need to miss a class now and then.  Students complete an exercise weekly and send it to me for grading.