I received this email:

My son was taking your Henle 1 class on Wednesdays at 3pm.  He started getting very overwhelmed when you started covering new material (he’s currently in Challenge B with CC) and he felt like he didn’t have time to keep up and memorize the new endings, etc.  I tried to tell him he doesn’t have to memorize, he can just use the charts (now I can tell him about the app!), but he really likes to know them.  I’m disappointed.  I really thought he could manage it.  I’m wondering if he was afraid of letting you down, if he didn’t do as well when he sent in the new material homework.

Once he’s finished with Challenge B, I would like to enroll him in the class again.  

Can he just pick up where he left off, when I enroll him or should he start from the 1st class?  

Will you have a Henle 1 class starting in the fall or summer?

Thank you.

Here is my reply:

I apologize for the delay.

I will be starting Henle Latin again in the late summer/fall.   He is certainly welcome to join again.

Remind him, though, that everything is recorded.   He can always go back and watch class again as many times as he needs to.

To access the recordings and quizzes, go here: https://dwanethomas.com/my-courses-2/

Remind him also that Henle Latin is a terribly difficult book.   He is not alone. I received emails like yours every week. This book is very discouraging to many, many people.

Also, tell him not to be discouraged when sending work to me.   I grade dozens of emails a day. Most students struggle. Again, he is not alone.

If he decides to repeat, I recommend you just start over. I have read the same Latin and Greek books dozens of times. Each time I go through I get a little better and a little faster. If he starts the book over again I suspect this will happen to him as well.