I received this question:

My son is in Challenge 1 through Classical Conversations and his 3rd year in Henle Latin. We get to about Chapter 11 and begin needing help. Would you recommend your Henle class or Lingua Latin? Thanks for teaching!

Here is my reply:

I much prefer Lingua Latina.  But, this is because it is a novel and, I believe, a much better book.  However, it is no easy book.  In my opinion, it is tougher than Henle Latin.

In your situation, it’s a bit difficult to say.  If you guys are in your third year of Henle Latin, it would seem you are clearly dedicated to getting through the book.  It may feel like a defeat to stop now.  The live online Henle classes that I teach would likely help you.

The nice thing about my site is that you do not have to choose.  Subscribers have access to everything that I teach.  This means that you could join in the Henle classes and that you could also join the Lingua Latina classes.  

I hope I have answered your questions. Let me know if you need more help!

Have a happy Tuesday!

Dwane Thomas