I received this question:

While we have used Henle, I do not feel the need to stick with it just because that is where we started.    Would there be a benefit to taking the  Lingua Latina class instead of Henle 2?  And if so, is it available for grading..since you explain so well :).  

Here is my reply:

First of all, yes.  I offer grading for all of my classes. 

As for your dilemma, you could always choose both if you want.  I have changed my site to a subscription site. Subscribers have access to everything I teach.  Both live and recorded classes.

Unfortunately, the jump from Henle 1 to Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg is still a big jump.  The problem is simple.  Henle Latin teaches students about 400 words.  Lingua Latina teaches students almost 2,000.  It is easy to see the problem.

This is why I teach Henle Latin 1 in one year (as the title suggests), and I take two years to teach Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.   

Here is what I recommend.  Order a copy of Lingua Latina and read the first 19 chapters over the summer.  Henle 1 gives students all the grammar they need to read the book.  It just does not help with vocabulary.  Try to reach chapter 19.  Then, jump into part 2 in the fall. 

The good news is that Lingua Latina is a novel.  It’s a story.  Unlike Henle Latin, it’s actually interesting.  This may take some of the pain out of reading a Latin book over the summer.