I received this question:

Hi! My daughter is homeschooled and has been working through Henle Latin 1 through Classical Conversations and on her own. I feel that she needs more guidance at this point and am unsure what her options are. She is pretty comfortable with Units 1-3 and has done Units 4 & 5 but feels somewhat shaky in those areas. This fall she has been working in Cambridge Latin 1 with a mom and a group of friends. She doesn’t like Cambridge as well. She misses the structure of Henle. Thanks for any advice you have. 🙂

Here is my reply:

Unfortunately, I do not offer any tutoring.  I do, however, offer an online Henle class.  In fact, we are currently in chapter 18 of the book (that is in Unit 5).

Your daughter is more than wlecome to join us if you like.  Since the semester has already begun, I will lower the price of the course from $147 per semester to $100.

However, I should warn you.  We move at a pace of about one chapter a week.  I started out at a slower pace, but found that my students were getting a bit bored.  I am not really a fan of Mr. Henle’s First Year Latin.  It is an effective book.  It gets the job done.  It is not, though, the most pleasant way to learn Latin… in my opinon.  

When it comes to this book, I will treat it as a Band-Aid.  The best policy is to rip the Band-Aid off as quickly as possible.  I believe the best policy is to get through this book as quickly as possible.  We will read through the entire text in one year.  I have seen other programs drag along for two, or even three years.  When it comes to this book, I believe that is a mistake.  Better to get it over with rapidly, then move on to something fun like Lingua Latina by Hans Orberg.

By the way, all of the online classes are recorded so that students can go back and review if they need to.  

If you are interested in the online class, you can join in here: https://dwanethomas.com/downloads/henle-latin-1-semester-2/

We meet on Wednesday afternoons from 3 (central time zone).  We meet for just under an hour.  Students will see the screen as I teach.  They are able to chat with me and ask questions.  Each week, they send in an assignment which I grade and return to them.

Let me know if you need anything else.