This year, I am taking a team of students through First Year Latin, by Robert Henle.  We set out to read the book in two years.  As we read, however, I am realizing it would be better to speed up.  We need to read the book in one year.  Better to rip a band-aid off in a single stroke than to drag the process out.

Of course, this presents a problem for those students who started with me back in August.

A parent noticed and called me out.

“It looks like we are behind.”

She is right, we are.  So… here is my excuse, as well as my remedy:


Hi xxxxxxx!

You are right.  We are behind. 

At the beginning of the year, I was advised not to teach Mr. Henle’s First Year Latin in one year.  Took the advice.   Now wish I had not.  The more I teach this book, the more convinced I am that it is better to teach First Year Latin in… wait for it… the first year.  

With the recordings, students who fall behind can always catch up.  If they fall too far behind, they can always repeat the class… for free.

So, what does this have to do with your question?  Just this.  We are, obviously, not going to finish the book in the first year.  This means I will have to add another semester to finish the book.  Or, If anyone is interested, we may finish the book this summer.  Either way, the extra semester, or the summer course will be free.  


P.S.  I offer this guarantee in all of my classes.  If you fall behind, you are welcome to repeat a class for free… as often as you need to.

I doubt you will get such an offer from the eels.