When I read, my mind tends to wander.  Perhaps you struggle with this as well.  I have heard that a speed reading course would help me solve this problem.

I have tried unsuccessfully to speed read.  I remain a rather slow reader.  

If you listen to audiobooks, like I do, there is an easy way to speed read.  Most listening devices these days have options.  You can listen to an audio book at normal speed, 1.5 speed, 2 speed, or even 2.5 speed.  I recommend 2.5 speed only if you are a fan of the Chipmunks.  

Right now I am listening to a 12-hour audio book.  It is boring.  I think the author could have presented the material in 6 hours.  But, I am looking for ideas.  I am going to finish the book.  At twice the speed, I can listen to the entire book in 6 hours.  

Just so you know, I don’t always recommend high-speed reading.  I recommend going slow when you are learning a language, or when you are reading spiritual books.  I also recommend reading slowly the books you love and read again and again.  

Use high speed reading to blast through the fluff, the required, and the boring.

By the way, high-speed listening may keep your mind from wandering.  I find that I concentrate more when I listen at high speeds.

Have a happy Saturday!


Dwane Thomas’ Tip of the Week, November 19, 2016