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My site is an experiment.  I am constantly looking for better ways to help you learn, and learn at the best price.  As a result, I am going to be misunderstood by outsiders.  That’s okay.  I have one goal.  You win.  

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If you want to learn Latin quickly, I recommend Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.  Lingua Latina is not an easy course.  Not by a long shot.  It is tough.  But, you could read the book in a year, or so, if you committed an hour a day.  (That’s only 4% of your day, by the way.). If you tackle the book and find yourself bogged down, feel free to check out the Lingua Latina classes on my site.  Those classes are available to members 24 hours a day seven days a week right here:

If you want a more professionally filmed experience, check out the best-selling Latin DVD series: Visual Latin.  Many students start with Visual Latin and then move on to Lingua Latina.

Not convinced?  Don’t take my word for it.  Thousands of students have studied Latin with me.  Take a look at what they are saying:


My daughter took your Lingua Latina last year, and it was her favorite thing.  Last year she was the one w/earbuds at her computer laughing alone in the dining room.  This year it’s all of us! 

You have no idea how grateful I am for the way you have simplified Henle’s book in a very visual way. My 2 daughters are watching the videos and taking the quizzes as well  

P.S. Your Latin Folder is absolutely brilliant! I now look at CC trivium table or Henle grammar book and they make me crazy! I think you should just charge $5-10 for everyone. I have been recommending it to all the CC tutors. It’s the missing link! 

– Andrea


Thank you for teaching my daughter high school Latin through Fables & Foundations.  She loved taking classes with you, and she learned a great deal.  

She took the SAT Latin Subject Test this last June and got 700/800 (450/800 in Latin is what is required to fulfill the foreign language requirement at most small Christian liberal arts colleges she has been considering).

This semester for her Senior year of High School she decided to take a college Latin class at Valparaiso University here in Indiana.  She scored 81/105 on their placement exam placing her in Advanced College Latin.  She wants to build more vocabulary and increase her fluency so she is going to take the class that comes before that first.

I thought it might be encouraging for you to know some of the fruit of your labors 🙂

Blessings on your teaching and all your endeavors this year.

– Mary


Thank you!  My son is doing Henle with cc and you are making it enjoyable for him.  I think it might be his favorite subject thanks to you!

You are a blessing!!!  And your humor cracks us up!!!

– Stacey


You are not only an AWESOME teacher but a fantastic deal as well. We enjoy your classes at our leisure and also get a kick out of your upbeat comical sense of humor and always enjoy your style and Technique of teaching.

Personally, I know good teachers when I see them.  YOU ARE ONE OF THE BEST!!!!:). We think your work is worth much more!

– Rachel


We are huge fans of yours here.  Everything you produce is clear, intellectual, and fun.  I’m so thankful you forked over the money for that copy of Lingua Latina years ago.

– Janie


By the way, my daughter Stella loved your Latin class last year. She’d come away from class telling me stories about it.  She loves your quirky sense of humor. So thank you. It was her first online class and challenging and she loved it. What a relief.

– Niki


I just wanted to say, thank you, for the wonderful year of Latin.  My boys have never enjoyed Latin more.  We have learned so much (mom too!).  The classes are so interesting and fun.  I would definitely say that your online classes are the best we have ever taken!  Thank you!!!!!

– Theresa


My son was a student in your Lingua Latina 1 class this past year. Thank you for teaching such a fun and effective class. We had been plodding along with various programs and I couldn’t find a live class in our area. He enjoyed your class immensely! His older sister, who was taking Spanish, would sit and listen to the class just because she found it so entertaining.” ?  

– Sheryl


Thanks to taking your Latin courses our son has a 104% average in his Latin class and was invited to join the Latin team next year!

We truly believe in you and your program and want as many people as possible to benefit from it.

– Alma-Marie


You. Have. No. Idea.  You are the BIGGEST answer to prayer!  You’re such a gifted teacher!! Please keep up the work you’re doing, Dwane! We are now excited about Latin!

  – Ginny


I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your encouraging comments that you send along with my son’s corrected homework.  He has worked very hard over the past couple of weeks.  Since this is his first year of high school, the workload has dramatically increased and he is learning how to manage his time.  We have had many talks about putting in the effort the first time for better results.  Latin has been a tremendous boost to his self-confidence partly because he receives feedback from someone other than his mom!  You have a real gift.

– Kim


Your course is really fun I’ve never really enjoyed Latin before. Now I’m excited to go to Latin class!

  – Catherine


By the way ~ we immensely enjoy your Visual Latin videos which are a huge help in our Latin studies.  My son is in the Classical Conversations Challenge A (7th grade) program which uses Henle Latin, and CC has some of your video clips on their website. You do a superb job of explaining the ins and outs of grammar and parsing (and oh yes, the different pronunciations!).  My son enjoys your style.  Thank you very much for all you are doing to make Latin (and other languages) accessible to the general population.

  – Maria


I highly recommend Dwane Thomas for Latin.  One of my children had him for several years and has done exceedingly well as have all her classmates.  Another child also studies with him and is on her 3rd year with him. 

He is a phenomenal teacher and has an amazing sense of humor which makes Latin fun for the student.  I can’t say enough about him.

– Candace 


I’ve meant to send this message for several weeks now.  Our son is taking both your Latin 3 class and Greek I class.  He loves both!

His favorite subjects are these ancient languages.  He talks about Latin or Greek all the time.  He thinks you are a great teacher and enjoys learning so much!  Thank you!  Thank you!

  – Becky


 Thank you for utilizing your gifts to teach Latin.  I know my daughter emailed you this morning to express her gratitude and I must say it’s huge for her to have anything but dread and feelings of inadequacy with Latin!  There is something special about your style, and that has drawn her in.   

I tutor Challenge B and this is my first year tutoring the Latin strand, so I too am grateful for your entertaining and effective method of teaching. I hope to be like you when I grow up!

  – Dawn


My daughter is doing very well with Visual Latin. She just finished Lesson 30 and has a 94% overall grade. She is going to now spend time reviewing all the charts and vocabulary learned for a final test (I am going to take portions of all your tests in VL1 to make my own); then I have assigned her translation of Cornelia for the remainder of the school year. She has been listening to the oral readings of the New Testament in Latin and is practicing oral reading of Church prayers. What use to be her hardest class (we tried Henle) is now one of her top and it keeps proving itself to me as fantastic! 

  – Angel


When my mom read me something on your website, it said that it makes Latin fun… I could not imagine Latin being fun at the time!  I have taken two years of Henle Latin, let’s just say it has not been on my favorite subjects list! To be honest, some tears have been shed over not understanding ANYTHING!  A couple of days ago, I was talking to my mom and said ” I can’t believe I am about to say this, but I LOVE Latin!!” 

All this to say, THANK YOU!!

  – Ruby


“I just wanted to let you know that my daughter is loving your class and that is a huge relief to me!  The last few years she has hated Latin and in all honesty, I hated doing it with her.  You have saved me so much frustration from grading and correcting and trying to figure out whether she’s doing it right and for that, I am truly grateful!  And that now she actually is enjoying it…AMAZING!”

  – Stephanie


And, that’s not all.  There are more testimonials here:

If you are learning Latin, I have written a book with all of my best tips and strategies.  It’s available as a free download here:

If you are interested in learning Latin, you can go through the classes on my site 24/7.  I recommend the book Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.  If you tackle the book and find yourself bogged down, you may find the classes on my site helpful.  To join, just click here:

If you want a more professionally filmed experience, check out the best-selling DVD series: Visual Latin.

Or, if you want to skip Latin, and just jump right into learning English words from Latin and Greek roots, you may enjoy the series Word up!  Warning.   Word up! is a bit wacky.  You will learn a lot… but, you may find yourself rolling your eyes, too.